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  1. Odin

    Update 10/4

    [+] Extended GladiatorIceBloodCalcDamageAndDot lua formula by Strength argument [!] Improved possible occurrence of time sync error appearance on selected machines [!] Fixed GameServer crash [!] Fixed issue where VIP account expiration check could wrongly disconnect from the game [!] Fixed issue where Magic Books of Light Wizard did not increase Magic Damage properly [!] Fixed issue where harmony option disappeared upon level upgrade in chaos box [!] Changed prices in CashShop ( x shop ) [!] Added marks to remaing maps and chek the spots
  2. Odin

    Grand Reset

    Required Zen Required Resets 100 Required Level 400 Reset Stats Enabled Reward Level Up Points 10.000 Multiply Level Up Points Reward Disabled Reward Credits Enabled Credits Configuration Wcoin Credits Amount 4000
  3. Odin

    Referral System

    If an account is not verified within 12 hours of the initial registration, the referral is automatically removed. Required Level 400 Required Master Level 0 Required Resets 5 Time Limit (days) 0 Credits Configuration Wcoin Credits Amount 1000
  4. Odin

    Server Information

    AcheronGuardianEvent <ActiveDay Sun="1" Mon="1" Tue="1" Wed="0" Thu="1" Fri="1" Sat="1" /> <Schedule> <Start Hour="20" Minute="0" Unk="0" />
  5. Odin

    Server Information

    <Event DayOfWeek="-1" StartHour="8" EndHour="10" ExpMultiplier="2.5" MasterExpMultiplier="5.5" MajesticExpMultiplier="5.5" ItemDropBonus="15" /> <Event DayOfWeek="-1" StartHour="18" EndHour="20" ExpMultiplier="2.5" MasterExpMultiplier="5.5" MajesticExpMultiplier="5.5" ItemDropBonus="15" /> <Event DayOfWeek="-1" StartHour="2" EndHour="4" ExpMultiplier="2.5" MasterExpMultiplier="5.5" MajesticExpMultiplier="5.5" ItemDropBonus="15" />
  6. Odin

    Server Information

    <Invasion Type="0" Name="Red Dragon Invasion"> <Start DayOfWeek="-1" Hour="1" Minute="0" /> <Start DayOfWeek="-1" Hour="3" Minute="0" /> <Start DayOfWeek="-1" Hour="13" Minute="0" /> <Start DayOfWeek="-1" Hour="15" Minute="0" /> <Start DayOfWeek="-1" Hour="23" Minute="0" /> </Invasion> <Invasion Type="1" Name="Skeleton King Invasion"> <Start DayOfWeek="-1" Hour="8" Minute="0" /> <Start DayOfWeek="-1" Hour="12" Minute="0" /> <Start DayOfWeek="-1" Hour="20" Minute="0" /> </Invasion> <Invasion Type="2" Name="Golden Invasion"> <Start DayOfWeek="-1" Hour="9" Minute="30" /> <Start DayOfWeek="-1" Hour="16" Minute="30" /> <Start DayOfWeek="-1" Hour="18" Minute="8" /> </Invasion> <Invasion Type="3" Name="White Wizard Invasion"> <Start DayOfWeek="-1" Hour="3" Minute="30" /> <Start DayOfWeek="-1" Hour="5" Minute="30" /> <Start DayOfWeek="-1" Hour="7" Minute="30" /> <Start DayOfWeek="-1" Hour="11" Minute="30" /> <Start DayOfWeek="-1" Hour="15" Minute="30" /> <Start DayOfWeek="-1" Hour="19" Minute="30" /> <Start DayOfWeek="-1" Hour="23" Minute="30" /> Start DayOfWeek="-1" Every day
  7. Odin

    Server Information

    Mix10Rate_Normal = 55% Mix11Rate_Normal = 55% Mix12Rate_Normal = 55% Mix13Rate_Normal = 45% Mix14Rate_Normal = 45% Mix15Rate_Normal = 40% Luck +15%
  8. [!] Fixed a bug of in-game system allowing for certain abuse by players [!] Fixed issue where Harmony Bonus option effect was not applied [+] Added option to GuideQuest.xml > AllowGiveUp [!] Applied temporary workaround to eliminate invalid visual glitch on Lord of Ferea boss as a part of of furure complete fix [!] Issue where Jewel of Harmony options effect was not applied [!] Fixed issue where is was not possible to add different options under same element for Mastery Pentagrams [!] Fixed itemoptionsystem mount problem [!] Fixed issue where using specified combination of mount and guardian items was handled incorrectly [+] Added option to AngelWeaponUpgrade.xml > OptionUpgradeType [+] Added option to PetSettings.ini > UseMountWithGuardian [!] Blocked ability to use Mysterious Stone on items with max possible options/bonus [+] Extended available options for OptKeepType by 32 in MasteryItemMix.xml [!] Fixed issue where Guardians with 0 HP became invalid items [!] Fixed issue where repair rate configuration of Fenrir did not work [!] Fixed issue where ItemOptionSystem_Exc system could not be used for selected mounts [+] Updated description of selected files, see details for differences report [!] Fixed Bonus Option not being applied properly from MasteryExcOptions.xml file [!] Fixed issue where at certain scenario Game Server was unable to connect to Data Server [!] Fixed issue where trade of Pentagrams with mastery errtels resulted in invalid set option after trade [+] Decreased UpgradeOptMaxCnt from 5 to 3 in MasteryItemMix.xml to match original configuration [+] Added selection of missing skills.buffs to Skill_UseArea.xml [!] Fixed not working BonusOption of MasteryExcOptions.xml [!] Fixed Elemental Critical Damage appears without equipping a Pentagram with Critical Damage option [!] Fixed a scenario where set option of mastery errtel could not work [!] Fixed Baseball Mini-Game issuing invalid reward [!] Fixed issue where it was possible to apply same Pentagram attribute options [!] Fixed issue where certain number of Elemental Powder items did not auto-convert to Elemental Capsule [!] Fixed issue where Mysterious Stone use on shields resulted in appliance of invalid excellent option [!] Fixed issue where harmony options could visually disappear randomly [+] Enabled support of harmony Options display for Chaos Box and Personal Store [!] Fixed issue where queueing BattleCore could result in SQLSTATE errors [!] Fixed issue where Lord of Ferea event area was not restricted properly [!] Add in Moss Merchant all characters, chaos mix, pentagram box, [!] Spots and marks remake normal spots 6 mobs, hot spots 9 mobs + 1 secret spot 12 mobs spot on 1 map what will change the map every week( every sunday) [!] Friends = FO items Event start this Sunday, for every player what you use the referal sistem you will get 1 item FO ( you can't invite yourself i will check ip, if some one will try to abuse will get 7 days ban [!] Jwls drop will be reduced by 50% until the server will have more players, 50+ [!] Characters atack for PVM [!] Adjust DEF and HP to all monsters with +100%
  9. Odin

    27/3 Update

    [!] Fixed party maintenance system sometimes not restoring party members properly [!] Fixed splash damage not working on selection of 4th skills [!] Fixed Bat Flock skill attack logic [!] Fixed Sword Inertia skill attack logic [!] Fixed requirements of selected Summoner Books not working properly [!] Fixed Chaos Guild Charm Bound for Mastery Brilliant items not working [!] Fixed Bonf buff stops to work when another player joins the party [!] Fixed visual problems for selected bound wings [!] Fixed Berserker skill does not increase attack speed [!] Fixed issue where connect server could not be run due to reaching maximum limit of connect servers instances [!] Fixed Sword Inertia attack issues [!] Fixed Dragon Violent skill behaviour & visual [!] Fixed 4th Wing Add Damage skill [!] Fixed Cheerleader & Baseball transformation rings [!] Fixed FormulaData.xml configuration issue resulting in wrong in-game calculations [!] Fixed invalid requirements of summoner books [!] Fixed attack damage calculation for selected character classes while equipping one/two hand weapons [!] Fixed game client crash [!] Fixed random game client crash [!] Fixed issue where Common Option reload did not reload certain files/options [!] Fixed issue where connecting to BattleCore server did not show valid origin realm name of a player [!] Fixed issue where combining mastery errtels/pentagrams could lead in unexpected behavior [!] Changed default configuration of MasteryBonusOptions.xml to improve in-game experience [!] Extended MysteriousStone.xml file structure [!] Fixed issue where element change combination could result in wrong attribute element applicance on mastery pentagrams [!] Fixed issue where Elemental Defense+X (PvP/PvM) option was not applied correctly [!] Fixed issue where custom options of Static Item Option plugin were not displayed correctly [!] Changed IGC_PentagramInfo table structure, see notes for details [!] Fixed Game Server crash [!] Fixed applications general stability issue [!] Fixed Game Server crash [!] Added 1-5 seeds in Seed Capsule [!] Changed drop in Silver and Golden Medals [!] All minibosses give chance of 40% to drop Ruud (1000-3000) [!] Grow the ruud drop from special monsters [!] More ruud to events [!] More XP in DS (x2,5 - x3,5) [!] Monsters HP Def Atack rised up [!] Changed Xshop [!] Changed VIP bonuses
  10. Odin

    Farming Jewels

    Pouch of Bless Jewel of Chaos x10 x20 x30 Jewel of Soul x10 x20 x30 Jewel of Bless x10 x20 x30 Jewel of Creation x10 x20 x30 Jewel of Life x10 x20 x30 Silver Box (Sealed Silver Box) All old jewels 5 pcs Jewel of Dark Bless (makes item +6) Jewel of Dark Soul (makes item +9) Jewel of Dark Life ( add +28 ) Jewel of Excess (Change your excellent options) Jewel of Luck ( add luck to your item Jewel of Science ( add skill to your item,weapons only) Jewel of Wisdom (add extra socket to your socket items) Evomon Box Minor: Jewel of Chaos x5 Jewel of Soul x5 Jewel of Bless x5 Jewel of Creation x5 Jewel of Life x5 Standard: Jewel of Chaos x10 Jewel of Soul x10 Jewel of Bless x10 Jewel of Creation x10 Jewel of Life x10 Greater: Jewel of Chaos x15 Jewel of Soul x15 Jewel of Bless x15 Jewel of Creation x15 Jewel of Life x15 Luxurious: Jewel of Chaos x20 Jewel of Soul x20 Jewel of Bless x20 Jewel of Creation x20 Jewel of Life x20 Magnificient: Jewel of Chaos x30 Jewel of Soul x30 Jewel of Bless x30 Jewel of Creation x30 Jewel of Life x30 Legendary: Jewel of Chaos x50 Jewel of Soul x50 Jewel of Bless x50 Jewel of Creation x50 Jewel of Life x50 Mining sistem
  11. Odin

    Farming Ruud

    Hello Heroes, In our server Ruud can be farmed from: Blood Castle Chaos Castle Maze (Elena's Letter) Snakes, goats, horses, and rest of the Noe's Arc 😄 !For now i think are enough ways, because we dont have so many players online, i will add more sources of ruud every 50 players online.
  12. Odin


    Here will be posted players who get banned
  13. Odin


    1) All registered users of VellyaMu Online server must agree with every point of these rules. Disagreement with at least one paragraph of these rules, prohibits the use of the site, and live in the world of MU Online. 2) All accounts, characters, game items, and committed action (game play) are the exclusive property of the server and are protected by copyright and are an intellectual property. 3) Sale or buying of anything for real money and virtual currencies, equated to real money, as well as any type of exchange and sale of the characters is forbidden. For violation of this rule, you will receive a warning or an instant block of accounts of buyer and seller. 4) Server Administration provides lifetime guarantee to your accounts, characters and their achievements. The rules and procedure of return you can read here 5) Purchase of valuable items from other players is allowed at your own risk. The administration ensures the complete safety of only those items and services that you purchased at our shop online. 6) Administration is not tolerant for perjury by players. Any player, who will bear a false witness, will be warned or will receive a block to all his accounts, characters and forum access. 7) You can report all violations and violators here. Any administrations decision is fair and competent. 1. Relations with administration: 1.1. Disrespectful attitude to the server staff and server itself are forbidden. Penalty: block of Character + Account for 7 days * number of violations. 1.2. Threats against server staff and server itself are forbidden. Penalty: block of Character + Account for 7 days * number of violations. 2. Using restricted software: 2.1. It is forbidden to use any macros or any kind of programs for automation processes, which gives you bonuses, achievement points, and any other personal gain. Note: Usage of combo clickers is not prohibited. Penalty: block of Character + Account for 7 days * number of violations. 2.2. It is forbidden to use Speedhack, Hithack and other serious cheat programs. Penalty: block of Character + Account for 30 days * number of violations. 3. Exploiting server bugs and weaknesses: 3.1. It is forbidden to use errors of the server (bugs). By error means any actions, that not provided by game-play and aimed to personal benefits. It is forbidden to use any programs for the game hacking and changing the game files for personal benefits. Explanation: It is allowed to modify the game client files in order to increase your computers performance by completely or partially removing certain animations, objects, effects or items. However it is forbidden to change the visual appearance of these things in order to gain advantage in fights. It is also forbidden to visually change any elements of the interface which might give you an advantage in fight situations. Increasing the performance of your computer does not count as an advantage. Penalty: block of Character + Account for 7 days * number of violations. Note: By bugs also means using for personal benefits ALT+F4 combination and "switch character" (mainly used for that you could not be killed or if after you have killed, not to run from far away) and walk through the characters with help of Horn of Uniria or warp to inadmissible locations. 3.2. If you have found a new bug, report it immediately to administration on the forum. 4. Gameplay: 4.1. Incitement of ethnic hatred between the players is forbidden. Penalty: Chat ban on characters on the account, or block of Character + Account for a period of 7 days * number of violations. 4.2. Humiliation of players and the use of obscene language. Penalty: Chat ban on characters on the account, or block of Character + Account for a period of 24 hours * number of violations. Note: Abuses like - dumb, noob e.t.c will not be reviewed. 4.3. It is forbidden to mention relatives and family in verbal altercations, in any context, and interpretation. Penalty: Chat ban on characters on the account for a period of 3 days * number of violations. 4.4. Advertisement of other MU Online game servers is forbidden. Penalty: block of Character + Account for a period of 30 days, but also could be a permanent block. 4.5. It is forbidden to interfere with Game Master during the events. Penalty: block of Character for 1 hour * number of violations. 4.6. It is forbidden to humiliate and (or) offend relatives and family. Penalty: block of Character + Account for a period of 7 days * number of violations. 4.7. Threatening in real life. Penalty: block of Character + Account for a period of 7 days * number of violations. 4.8. It is forbidden to keep breaking the rules from other characters if your main character has already been chat banned. Penalty: Ban of character (twink and main) + account for 3 days * number of violations. 4.9. In Doppelganger event it is prohibited to be inactive, as well as dishonest ways to get points are forbidden. (giveaway, agreements, etc.) Penalty: block of Character + Account for a period of 7 days * number of violations. Note: Inactivity is classified when your character stays at the same place for more than two minutes. When recording a video, this point must be clearly visible. 4.10. During Castle Siege Guild master of the attacking (guild or alliance) can’t take the crown switches. He can only hold the main crown. Players from different alliances can't be in one party with their enemy. Penalty: block of Character + Account for a period of 7 days * number of violations. 4.11. Crafting fake screenshots or misleading server administration in any way is forbidden. Penalty: block of Character + Account for a period of 30 days * number of violations. 4.12. Too intensive spam in /post channel. Penalty: block of chat usage, for a period of 24 hours * number of violations. 4.13. If person doesn't do his part of the contractual deal gets banned for breaking rule. Penalty: block of Character + Account for a period of 21 days * number of violations. 4.14. If more than one person have access to the e-mail of account, account will be blocked. Account will be blocked until moment, when access to the e-mail will be only for one person. Penalty: block of Account until problem will be solved. 4.15. It is forbidden to create a characters nicknames with the obscene language or any humiliation words. Penalty: block of Account until problem will be solved. 4.16. It is forbidden to create characters with nick names that are similar or the same as the ones that administration or senate members are using in the current moment. The list of used nick names can be found here Penalty: block of Account until problem will be solved. 4.17 voting exploiting – earning excess bonuses with voting from multiple (3 and more) accounts. We have a working principle – 1 player, 1 vote. Note: Bearing in mind that players sometimes play for 2 accounts at the same time, the players has rights to vote for both accounts. The administration can check the second account for it’s activities. If the second accounts only activity is voting each day, then this kind of account can be viewed as a tool for bonus/voting exploiting. Penalty: block of Account until problem will be solved. 4.18 Malicious acts against the interests of the server and its players. Explanation: You are regularly and on purpose provoke other players to break the rules and then you create topics on them in the Prison section with the intention to ban them. Note: This rule will be applied as a last resort if our requests to tone down your behavior will not be obeyed. For the first violation a warning is given, next time the punishment is carried out in maximum severity. Only Senate members and the servers Administration are allowed to create applications about the breaking of this rule. Explanation 2: You purposely and regularly provoke, insult, humiliate other players, creating unfriendly atmosphere on the server. Penalty: block of Character + Account for a period of 7 days * number of violations. 4.19. To prevent questionable and unsecure deals, when receiving complaints during selective revisions, we have the right to request detailed information on any deal, that was made through the game or website. The purpose of that is to fight the black market and protect players from various machinations. Penalty: Block of items, characters, and accounts or their temporal or permanent confiscation until clarification of all details. Additional Information: You can find ban reasons in the Prison Yard section. There is a possibility of getting out of prison for bonuses. The cost of bail depends on the duration of your ban, system determines it automatically. To see the cost of your bail you need to login to the website using your account. There are situations in which Game Masters make decisions based not on rules but on norms of communication and the scenery.
  14. Odin


    Bronze: Normal/Master/Majestic x20xp Drop +10% Level10="65" Level11="65" Level12="65" Level13="60" Level14="60" Level15="55" AddLuck="15"
  15. Normal Experience: 50xp Master Experience: 25xp Majestic Experience: 50xp Drop: 40% Max Normal Level = 400 Max MasterL evel = 1000 Max Master Level For 3rd Class = 400 Max Master Level For 4rd Class = 600 Max Level: 1400 Stat points per level: 5/6/7
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