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Burning Kethotum & Old Kethhotum

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Level 1400 Maps information

Introduction of new hunting grounds


1. Burning Kethotum & Old Kethhotum
1) Background story

       Under the protection of Muren and Runedil, Etramu moved the Sealing Stone to 'Kethotum' and began to create a new barrier. His plan was to lure Kundun to Kethhotum and completely seal it with the strongest barrier magic. If that happens, Kundun will become one with the Dark God and will not be saved forever. It was too dangerous and urgent to take care of Kundun's situation. Etramu's operation was completely successful. Confused by the destruction of the Sealing Stone, Kundun fell into a trap.
Even Kundun, who was ruled by the Dark God, could not overcome the barrier magic that created a magic square by separating the sealing stones into 8 pieces. The 8 Sealing Stones roared like crazy and heated up red. Hardened When Kundun completely fell asleep, the sealing stone finally stopped sounding and returned to its original form. Etramu immediately completed the barrier magic by collecting 8 sealing stones. Permanently sealed, Kundun fell into the lost city of Kethotum. Afterwards, only eternal prosperity seemed to come to the continent of Mu. When Kundun was sealed by the three heroes of Muren, Etramu, and Runedil, Lemuria, who was Kundun's chief disciple, seized an opportunity and, in some way,
Murren's favorite Gaion takes away his ego and causes a rebellion. He attempts to unseal once again by controlling Gaion, but due to Etramu's unsealing prevention magic. Gaion dies and Lemuria suffers a severe blow, and Lemuria loses a lot of strength and falls into a long sleep for about a thousand years.
A thousand years later, in order to resurrect the Sechneum sealed in Kundun's body, as she did to Gaion,
Antonias, a descendant of Gaion, takes away the ego and resurrects Kundun. The resurrected Kundun tries to dominate the continent of Mu by using the power of Sechneum without resurrecting it. Kundun summons gates to summon demons throughout Kethotum to rule the continent of Mu.
       Kethhotum was once again a battlefield engulfed in flames.

2. Map Information - Burning Kethotum


1) Burning Kethotum is the best hunting ground.
(1) Entry level is 1160, and hunting penalty level is 1190.
(2) You can move by consuming 50,000 zen through the movement command window.
(3) It can be accessed through the entrance located at Aida2 (218 . 237).
(4) In the burning Kethotum, monsters with attributes appear as attribute hunting grounds.
(5) Monsters have excellent damage probability resistance, critical damage probability resistance, damage absorption,
It has a debuff probability resistance value.
(6) There is a safe zone on the map, and when the connection ends or the character dies, it moves to the safe zone.

2) main drop items
(1) excellent brilliant armor
(2) manticore chaos joint piece

3) burning ketthortum advent monster

(1) crimson lycan




crimson lycan





a monster with lowhealth and defense but powerful close-range attacks.


(2)crimson minos





crimson minos





high health and defense
a monster that attacks close range.


(3) crimson harpy




crimson harpy





ranged attacks,
a monster that attacks a wide-area whirlwind magic attack.



3. map information - old ketthortum
1) the old ketthortum is a low-to-mid-level hunting ground.
(1) entry level is 700.
(2) you can move by consuming 50,000 zen through the move command window.
(3) you can travel through the entrance in the ida safe zone.
(4) monsters with attributes will appear as a property hunting ground in old kethotum.
(5) there is a safe zone on the map, and when the connection ends and the character dies, it moves to the safe zone.


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