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27/3 Update

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[!] Fixed party maintenance system sometimes not restoring party members properly
[!] Fixed splash damage not working on selection of 4th skills
[!] Fixed Bat Flock skill attack logic
[!] Fixed Sword Inertia skill attack logic
[!] Fixed requirements of selected Summoner Books not working properly
[!] Fixed Chaos Guild Charm Bound for Mastery Brilliant items not working
[!] Fixed Bonf buff stops to work when another player joins the party
[!] Fixed visual problems for selected bound wings
[!] Fixed Berserker skill does not increase attack speed
[!] Fixed issue where connect server could not be run due to reaching maximum limit of connect servers instances

[!] Fixed Sword Inertia attack issues
[!] Fixed Dragon Violent skill behaviour & visual
[!] Fixed 4th Wing Add Damage skill
[!] Fixed Cheerleader & Baseball transformation rings

[!] Fixed FormulaData.xml configuration issue resulting in wrong in-game calculations
[!] Fixed invalid requirements of summoner books
[!] Fixed attack damage calculation for selected character classes while equipping one/two hand weapons
[!] Fixed game client crash
[!] Fixed random game client crash

[!] Fixed issue where Common Option reload did not reload certain files/options
[!] Fixed issue where connecting to BattleCore server did not show valid origin realm name of a player
[!] Fixed issue where combining mastery errtels/pentagrams could lead in unexpected behavior
[!] Changed default configuration of MasteryBonusOptions.xml to improve in-game experience 
[!] Extended MysteriousStone.xml file structure 
[!] Fixed issue where element change combination could result in wrong attribute element applicance on mastery pentagrams
[!] Fixed issue where Elemental Defense+X (PvP/PvM) option was not applied correctly
[!] Fixed issue where custom options of Static Item Option plugin were not displayed correctly
[!] Changed IGC_PentagramInfo table structure, see notes for details
[!] Fixed Game Server crash

[!] Fixed applications general stability issue
[!] Fixed Game Server crash

[!] Added 1-5 seeds in Seed Capsule
[!] Changed drop in Silver and Golden Medals
[!] All minibosses give chance of 40% to drop Ruud (1000-3000)
[!] Grow the ruud drop from special monsters
[!] More ruud to events
[!] More XP in DS (x2,5 - x3,5)
[!] Monsters HP Def Atack rised up
[!] Changed Xshop
[!] Changed VIP bonuses

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