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Sunday Update 03/04

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[!] Fixed a bug of in-game system allowing for certain abuse by players
[!] Fixed issue where Harmony Bonus option effect was not applied

[+] Added option to GuideQuest.xml > AllowGiveUp
[!] Applied temporary workaround to eliminate invalid visual glitch on Lord of Ferea boss as a part of of furure complete fix
[!] Issue where Jewel of Harmony options effect was not applied
[!] Fixed issue where is was not possible to add different options under same element for Mastery Pentagrams
[!] Fixed itemoptionsystem mount problem
[!] Fixed issue where using specified combination of mount and guardian items was handled incorrectly
[+] Added option to AngelWeaponUpgrade.xml > OptionUpgradeType
[+] Added option to PetSettings.ini > UseMountWithGuardian
[!] Blocked ability to use Mysterious Stone on items with max possible options/bonus
[+] Extended available options for OptKeepType by 32 in MasteryItemMix.xml
[!] Fixed issue where Guardians with 0 HP became invalid items
[!] Fixed issue where repair rate configuration of Fenrir did not work
[!] Fixed issue where ItemOptionSystem_Exc system could not be used for selected mounts

[+] Updated description of selected files, see details for differences report
[!] Fixed Bonus Option not being applied properly from MasteryExcOptions.xml file
[!] Fixed issue where at certain scenario Game Server was unable to connect to Data Server
[!] Fixed issue where trade of Pentagrams with mastery errtels resulted in invalid set option after trade

[+] Decreased UpgradeOptMaxCnt from 5 to 3 in MasteryItemMix.xml to match original configuration
[+] Added selection of missing skills.buffs to Skill_UseArea.xml
[!] Fixed not working BonusOption of MasteryExcOptions.xml
[!] Fixed  Elemental Critical Damage appears without equipping a Pentagram with Critical Damage option
[!] Fixed a scenario where set option of mastery errtel could not work
[!] Fixed Baseball Mini-Game issuing invalid reward
[!] Fixed issue where it was possible to apply same Pentagram attribute options
[!] Fixed issue where certain number of Elemental Powder items did not auto-convert to Elemental Capsule
[!] Fixed issue where Mysterious Stone use on shields resulted in appliance of invalid excellent option
[!] Fixed issue where harmony options could visually disappear randomly
[+] Enabled support of harmony Options display for Chaos Box and Personal Store
[!] Fixed issue where queueing BattleCore could result in SQLSTATE errors
[!] Fixed issue where Lord of Ferea event area was not restricted properly

[!] Add in Moss Merchant all characters, chaos mix, pentagram box, 

[!] Spots and marks remake normal spots 6 mobs, hot spots 9 mobs + 1 secret spot 12 mobs spot on 1 map what will change the map every week( every sunday)

[!] Friends = FO items Event start this Sunday, for every  player what you use the referal sistem you will get 1 item FO ( you can't invite yourself i will check ip, if some one will try to abuse will get 7 days ban

[!] Jwls drop will be reduced by 50% until the server will have more players, 50+

[!] Characters atack for PVM

[!] Adjust DEF and HP to all monsters with +100%


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